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About Us.

Did you know you could practically do a diploma in Creative Content Writing with the time you learn how to write Effective Website Content?

Rebecca Staples

Rebecca Staples Content Writer

Identifying that you may not have the time or expertise to write the content that best reflects your business is a great business decision. The content in your website should perform like a silent salesperson. It should do two things and do them well, these are: Convince and Convert. Convince the reader why your product or service is a ‘must have’ and then convert them from a site visitor to a customer.

In a digitally noisy and competitive marketplace, persuasive text plays a key part in how your business differentiates itself from similar businesses. High quality content involves the reader and inspires them to buy something they didn’t even know they needed; this is the mark of a great sales person.

Remember your site visitor is there in the first place because they need to solve a problem; therefore it’s important your site content and information is engaging, with the intention of building trust and solving that problem.

"Once a customer respects your experience and advice, they are more likely to choose your business and products over another."

Zoe Kulmar

Zoe Kulmar Content Writer

I’ve been passionate about literacy from a young age, and have extensive experience in expository, descriptive, persuasive and narrative writing. I am experienced in proof-reading various writing styles and can offer possible substitutions for phrases that may invite improvement. I want to help you live up to your full writing potential and make your piece read as well as it possibly can!

My experience includes years of studying literary subjects and refining my skills in extension classes offered in high school. I have also furthered this through my university courses, and have achieved exemplary marks for these assessment pieces. Asking the right questions to help the writer express what they were trying to say was crucial which in turn developed my interviewing skills. Paid work started coming my way for small writing jobs; anything from brochures to newsletters and now website content which has broadened my experience.

Our key ingredients and methods for rapport building content:

The best part of our job is connecting with you and unpacking the core values of your business, listening to your story and asking critical questions about your product or service. With a keen focus on connecting with your customer, we uncover your story and business values and present them in a write-up that showcases - why your business, service and products stands out from the rest.

"Instead of asking what do you sell - we ask what can you teach?"