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Business Branding.

Tag lines, Slogans and Logos.

The three amigos.

Tag lines, slogans and logos should work seamlessly together to provide one single message which your company can position its entire corporate identity around. A stand out Logo is simple with subliminal intentions, so let’s embed Memorable, Fresh and Attracting. A tag line is used to add to and complete your brand/logo. A great tag line should be short, catchy and supportive of what your company stands for. A slogan can be a phrase, a saying or expression that summarizes your company’s claim to fame and why you stand out from the rest; the scope for creating a memorable slogan is greater because the word count can be longer, even rhyming.

Just do it!

All three should build onto each other and are a big part of your company’s marketing strategy. So it’s important to design these key parts from a foundation where all your business communications and marketing stems from.

Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.
Benjamin Franklin.

Whether Ben was right or not is not the point here; the point is the above saying was so memorable it transcended time. Now imagine your perfect business image and mission statement. Here’s ours.
Tip: Designs should be memorable with a good dose of integrity. People trust integrity and this combined with words and images we remember, sell!

Now imagine your perfect business image and mission statement. Here’s ours.

We work with the right script – until we get your Scriptright.

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