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About Us.

Did you know you could practically do a diploma in Creative Content Writing with the time you learn how to write Effective Website Content?

Rebecca Staples

Rebecca Staples Content Writer

Identifying that you may not have the time or expertise to write the content that best reflects your business is a great business decision. The content in your website should perform like a silent salesperson. It should do two things and do them well, these are: Convince and Convert. Convince the reader why your product or service is a ‘must have’ and then convert them from a site visitor to a customer.

In a digitally noisy and competitive marketplace, persuasive text plays a key part in how your business differentiates itself from similar businesses. High quality content involves the reader and inspires them to buy something they didn’t even know they needed; this is the mark of a great sales person.

Remember your site visitor is there in the first place because they need to solve a problem; therefore it’s important your site content and information is engaging, with the intention of building trust and solving that problem.

"Once a customer respects your experience and advice, they are more likely to choose your business and products over another."

Zoe Kulmar

Zoe Kulmar Content Writer

Using words to tell a story and create an image has always been a passion of mine. I love the creative impact that a carefully constructed piece of writing has, whether it be sharing the story behind the birth of a business, an informative article that sparks interest and shares the gift of knowledge, or thoughtfully combined evocative, choice words that instantly demands attention whilst delivering a clear message with seemingly minimal effort. I combine this approach with a continual interest in digital marketing. The endless rewards I receive in my role as a content writer indicates I am in the right industry.

I connect with my client to gain a better understanding of their perspective and motivation in regards to their business, translating the information into engaging, high quality material; content that reflects the personal and professional essence of their business.

In addition, I keep a strong focus on assisting clients in establishing a positive reputation in the online world, a skill I have been developing over the past few years, and continue to educate myself on.

Navigating the ever-changing shifts in online trends and satisfying search engine algorithms provides never-ending education opportunities for content writers. It is a world that holds endless possibilities for business growth and improvement. Creating a unique online voice that stands out to readers is something I pride myself on.  I look forward to continuing to collaborate with businesses, delivering online digital media assistance.

Our key ingredients and methods for rapport building content:

The best part of our job is connecting with you and unpacking the core values of your business, listening to your story and asking critical questions about your product or service. With a keen focus on connecting with your customer, we uncover your story and business values and present them in a write-up that showcases - why your business, service and products stands out from the rest.

"Instead of asking what do you sell - we ask what can you teach?"